Colavita Regional Olive Oils


Italy's Green Gold

Italian olive oil differs depending on region, soil, climate and the type of olives. Each olive oil has its distinct personality and character.  Olives are grown the length of
Italy; from the Alpine region bordering with Switzerland and France to the tips of Puglia and Sicily. More than fifty percent of Italy's olive oil production comes from Puglia and Calabria.



Molise,  the olive oil of Puglia and Calabria is robust and dense. It’s dense flavor can often be quite peppery.


Sicily - From the fertile soil of Western Sicily come the olives that give Colavita Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil its pleasant, mild style. This oil provides a subtle green olive note and a smooth finish that balances dishes with bolder flavors.

Colavita Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded the DOP (denominazione di origine protetta) certification.



Tuscany - the region produces olive oils which differ from north to south and the coast to the hills. The range goes from light fruity versions to robust flavors.



Umbria - the heart of olive oil production in Italy produces intense and sometimes spicy olive oils.  The Umbrian DOP olive oil is attributed to 5 zones in the region.



Molisano - Neighboring the region of Apulia, this region produces olive oils lighter than most parts of the country.

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