Perugina Sweets & Chocolate 

Perugina Chocolate Bars 

 Perugina Classic Bar - White Chocolate, 3.5oz Item #: C5164

Perugina White Chocolate 3.5 oz
 Price: $2.95
Premium solid Perugina White Chocolate bar.  Bon Appetit magazine recommends Perugina White Chocolate calling it a “high quality” choice for preparing White-Chocolate Cherry Mousse Pie. Recommended Links
Perugina Baci 
Click here!
Perugina Baci - Click here! 

 Perugina Bittersweet Classic Bar, 3.5oz Item #: C5163

Perugina Bittersweet Chocolate
 Price: $2.95

Premium bittersweet chocolate. 60% cocoa. Delicious alone or in a Chocolate Bread.


 Perugina Dark Chocolate & Almond Bar, 3.5oz Item #: C5162

Perugina Dark Chocolate With Almond
 Price: $2.95

Premium dark chocolate with crunchy almonds.


 Perugina Dark Chocolate Caramel Bar, 3.5oz Item #: C5156

Perugina Dark Chocolate & Caramel
 Price: $2.95

Premium dark chocolate with a luscious caramel filling.

 Perugina Milk Chocolate & Raspberry Bar, 3.5oz Item #: C5158

Perugina Dark Chocolate & Raspberry
 Price: $2.95

Premium milk chocolate with a sweet, fruity raspberry filling.

 Perugina Milk Chocolate & Cappuccino Bar, 3.5oz Item #: C5157

Perugina Chocolate Cappuccino
 Price: $2.95

Premium milk chocolate with an enticing capuccino flavored filling.


 Perugina Milk Chocolate Classic Bar, 3.5oz Item #: C5159

Perugina Milk Chocolate 3.5 oz
 Price: $2.95

Premium solid milk chocolate bar.


 Perugina Milk Chocolate & Almonds Bar, 3.5oz Item #: C5160

Perugina Milk Chocolate & Almond 3.5 oz
 Price: $2.95
Premium milk chocolate with crunchy almonds  

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