2015 Novello

Olio extravergine di oliva

1/2 liter  Coloviata New 2012 Olive Oil - 17oz 17 oz

Price: $14.95


The New 2015 Olive Oil Has arrived!



The Italian olive harvest occurs between the end of October and the beginning of November. At this time the olive mills reopen their doors and the start of the olive pressing creates a festive celebration.

2015 Colavita Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from a single organic olive cultivar grown in Apulia – the most abundant olive growing region in Italy. This olive type, known as Ogliarola, gives the extra virgin olive oil its signature flavor and color.

2015 Colavita Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil presents a unique brilliance in flavor, appearance and aroma. The olives that are crushed for Colavita Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil have not reached their full maturity and carry with them all the fragrance and strength of the fruit. Its yellow/green color accompanies an intense aroma of just pressed olives.

The taste, mildly spicy and slightly bitter, leaves a robust and lingering flavor in the mouth. The 2015 Novello oil is unfiltered and it looks just as it appears when it is freshly pressed at the olive mill.

Olio Novello is traditionally used as a dip or for low or no heat recipes, such as drizzling over freshly baked Ciabatta bread, salads, pizzas, roasted vegetable antipasto, pasta, and grilled meats or fish.




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