503 ml
Colavita Prosceco Wine Vinegar 17 fl. oz
17 fl. Oz.

Price: $6.30


Prosecco White Wine Vinegar

  The Colavita White Wine Prosecco vinegar is made with Italy best white grapes from the Prosecco region of Northen Italy.

Traditionally fermented vinegar made from Prosecco wine and naturally aged.

Colavita's White Wine Prosecco Vinegar is often recommended when the color of sauces, dressings, vinaigrettes or foods will be adversely affected by the dark brown color of traditional balsamic vinegar.

Enjoy this Colavita product with confidence!

White wine Prosecco Vinaigrette recipe
  1 x table spoon Colavita's White Wine Prosecco Vinegar
4 x table spoons Colavita's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Sea Salt & freshly ground white Pepper to taste.


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