Colavita Black Olive Paté Imported From Italy

4.76 oz

Colavita Black Olive Paté - 4.76 oz - 135 g 

No preservatives or artificial ingredients

Price: $6.59


Black Olive Dip

 Colavita Black Olive  Paté

Product of Italy. This Colavita Black Olive Paté is one of the most addicting dips.
An amazing simple blend of black olives, extra-virgin olive oil, and salt.

Ingredients: Black olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt..

Quick & Easy Tapenade recipe
Mash 4 anchovy filets, 2 large garlic cloves, 1 Tsp of finely chopped parsley, and 1/4 tsp ground black pepper to form a paste.

Add the anchovy mixture to the Colavita Black Olive Paté with a dash of extra-virgin olive oil if needed; stir until blended. Spread on toasted baguette slices.


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