Colavita Artichoke Paté Imported From Italy

4.76 oz

Colavita Artichoke Paté 4.76oz  - 135g  

No preservatives or artificial ingredients

Price: $6.99


Artichoke Dip

 Garden Fresh Artichoke Dip

Product of Italy. Packed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No preservatives or artificial ingredients.
Straight from the fertile soil of Italy, comes this new line of Colavita Antipasti Marinated Vegetables. Adds an authentic Italian twist to your meals. Or enjoy as a satisfying snack.

Ingredients: Artichokes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt.

This Artichoke dip is good hot, cold, or room temperature. Serve it with toasted Ciabatta bread, or pita wedges.

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  Guaranteed Authentic Product Of Italy